Tent Wedding: Fresh white and yellow wedding decor.

Last summer we had the absolute pleasure of working with a bride planning a tent wedding. Her color scheme was very fresh, using crisp whites and bright yellows.

Knowing ahead of time that tent was going to be white and the centerpieces were going to be an eclectic combination of white, clear glass and yellow items we decided ahead of time that a complimentary color was needed to break up all the white and yellow. This is where the decision was made to use a silver sash as a slim table runner. It provided just enough contrast that the centerpieces did not get lost against the expanse of white table linen and chair covers. The silver charger plates added a bit of sparkle and contrast as well.

The things Kim and I truly loved about this wedding were:

  • the use of a sash, wrapped double thick around every second chair, it kept the yellow as a significant color without becoming overwhelming
  • the eclectic centerpieces, how fun is it to have each one be different yet cohesive?
  • the use of the silver sash to break up the white table linen, it gave those centerpieces just a little more POP!
  • the silver charger plates, they elevated a fun and fresh tent wedding into a true dining experience
  • of course, the bride! She was an absolute pleasure to work with 🙂

Until next time!

Kim Henke and Danita MacDonald


Always the right team, the right linens, the right style.

2 responses to “Tent Wedding: Fresh white and yellow wedding decor.

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  2. That is so classy. The yellow attachments and designs made it so like it.

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