Decorating for your venue, and not necessarily your wedding colors.

Many brides get stuck on the color of their bridesmaids dresses – and often feel that these colors NEED to be part of their wedding decor.

We often tell clients that their bridesmaids do not need to match the table linen, and that often paying attention to the details of the location that their wedding is in will help in making all the appropriate decor choices for them. Just because your bridesmaids are wearing lilac, it does not mean that it needs to be the main color choice in your wedding decor. You can use that ‘wedding color’ as an accent color, or even go in another direction completely and decorate the room in such a way you pay homage to the venue itself.

This past summer we did a STUNNING wedding in the Wedgewood Room Fairmont Hotel MacDonald (to die for!!!) in Edmonton. The bridesmaids were wearing really fun light periwinkle-ish blue dresses and carrying yellow roses. Interestingly enough the fashion forward bride worked closely with Kim on her decor choices and made the decision to pay honor to the location of the wedding and chose linens that were slightly elaborate, detailed, neutral and overall classy. The result was wedding decorated in such a way that it looked like a seamless  and natural fit for the Wedgewood Room.

See the photos of the guest table design below. These photos were provided to us by Kat Gill @ Katch Photography and are absolutely beautiful.



Until next time,

Danita and Kim

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